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IDEA Behind |2001:A Space Odyssey

2001:A Space Odyssey
Hey guys , i am back with my another interesting post.
Today i watched a movie-2001:A space Odyssey.
Director             :  Stanley Kubrick
Releasing Year  :  1968
Its a old movie , initially i was ready to watch this movie, when i typed in IMDB ,about best movies, I saw this movie is in the list of best movies and rating was also quite high, so i thought why don't i Initially when i watched , i dint get an idea whats going on,whats the movie is all about.
Then i watched it again,After that i Understood Idea behind the movie and Director's vision,which was far out of the world.
Arthur Clark wrote the story but Kubrick made it much more wonderful. Kubrick and Clarke's 2001 is so ahead of it's time that people never understood it in 1968 and not even now.Its because it was so Artistic Approach which is quite complex and extreme slow pace and a confusing conclusion.
Here 2001 is the year, writer is telling about man exploration of space during this year.
After watching the movie  i feel the  need to offer an explanation for the ending myself.

what is it about ?

2001 is a journey or more appropriately it's a story of evolution.yes of course humans are involved in it.


Black MonolithThink about it like this ->
 IN THE BEGINNING of the film group of apes are transformed into more intelligent beings by a Giant Monolith.
Here Monolith are fictional advance machines built by an unseen extraterrestrial species.These monolith influences the fictional history of the series by encouraging humankind to evolution or progress with technological development.

Now Jump way Ahead , as a group of astronauts rediscover the monolith on the lunar surface, which has been in active for centuries.

Colourfull spectrum in movie : 2001-A space odyssey
After that ,there will be HAL 9000 stuff, then we reaches the most infamous last part,where we see a bunch of Color full shots.Look closely at the shots , do they look familiar , perhaps like earth's landscapes.Then, in the monolith's last appearance, It transforms an old man who appears to be on the brink  of death into a baby in the womb.
Think about it , the rediscovery of the monolith triggered the rebirth of mankind.
The film show us where we have been, where we are and where we might be in future from Clark's and Kubrick's point of view.
Moon Location                The imagination of 2001 of  Kubrick's hasn't turned out what he imagined it would be.If you notice man dint land on moon in 2001,but film showed giant space stations on moon's surface.
Also when NASA's Astronauts reached moon, picture which they took there was so similar to that pictures that are shown in this movie.This shows, which level of imagination was done by  Kubrick's.

Jogging in space ship
There was movie in the scene where a astronaut was jogging inside his spaceship,which was circular in shape from inside.I think that was a impossible to explain shot to me . 

Last words: 

2001 has a pretty impressive visual effect and impossible to explain shots that still drop my jaw because as it was done in 1960's.I think it was better that computer generated visual effect :P.This movie is a pretty impressive visual effect movie with some impossible to explain shots.This film also explains rediscovery of the monolith triggered the rebirth of mankind.



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  1. impressive and a very good movie.. must watch it...
    thanks rakesh for bringing out topics on good movies..
    keep updating more... :)

    1. thanks man,so u already watched this movie..good :)


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